This Museum Is Fighting Back Against Science’s Detractor With ‘Facts Matter’

There's a culture war underway, and the Field Museum is ready to fight

The past few months have put many in the uncomfortable and surreal position of having to defend institutions (science, the media) that had long been accepted as true and valid by the American population at large.

As unsettling as the prospect is, many have resigned to dig in their heels and fight. You can count the Field Museum in Chicago among their ranks. Various curators, academics, researchers from the museum have collaborated in an effort called “Facts Matter,” which, as its name implies, reminds us that facts don’t go away if you choose not to believe in them.

The effort doesn’t resort to cynicism or frustration to get its message across. Rather, it serves, as all great teachers do, to inspire curiosity, wonder, and confidence in those who seek answers in science.

Should this moving video compel you to do more, you can make your voice heard and presence felt in the upcoming March for Science taking place all over the country on April 22, Earth Day.