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Museum of Nature

If there's an upside to global warming, it's that we've finally come to appreciate how real our connection to the environment is. Plus Big Thinker Jelly Helm.

If there's a small upside to global warming, it's surely this: After centuries of neglect and skepticism, we've finally come to appreciate just how real-and personal-our connection to the environment is. The Finnish artist Ilkka Halso imagines a time, perhaps in the less-than-distant future, when that relationship will be even more precious. Nature, or what's left of it, has become nothing more than an attraction.For more of his work see the Issue 008 Graphic Statement.

Jelly Helm

I'm sitting in Portland, Oregon, on a beautiful foggy cold morning, listening to classical music, with a nice hot cup of coffee, trying to come up with something exciting and new for the upcoming year. This is fun, but hard.OK. My big idea is: fur suits for dogs that let you change your dog's color and style.Hold on, here's BBC news: "Scientists report that the latest figures suggest that global warming threatens the very survival of the human species." I'm serious. They just said this on the radio.Shit! Before we start implementing my big idea, it looks like we're going to have to figure out global warming. Not to fret. A lot of smart environmentalists believe that we can not only pull it off-assuming we find the political will-but with our country leading the way on global-emissions reduction, we might even rediscover our shared purpose (see Apollo program, World War II) and revitalize our economy.In addition to policy work, it will take conservation. I believe the shift in consumer behavior will create a new category: ostentatious simplicity. Luxurious austerity. Conspicuous mindfulness. The reframing of sustainable consumption from hippy to modern. Front-edge design plus high price plus smart for the earth (minus any moralism) says that I am smart, modern, sensitive, evolved. Eco-consuming will be used to achieve social status.While the mainstreaming of the green movement makes a lot of granola-eaters suspicious, I'm psyched. When it's a more valuable social badge to bike to work than it is to drive a car getting 11 miles per gallon, this is good news for everybody.Anyway, after we solve global warming, these dog suits will allow you, with just one dog, to experience the joy of owning multiple breeds, colors, and varieties. They'll come in multiple sizes and styles and will be machine Helm is the co-executive creative director at the Portland office of advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy.

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