National Volunteer Week: Public Radio National Volunteer Week: Public Radio

National Volunteer Week: Public Radio

by Patrick James

April 23, 2009
In honor of National Volunteer Week, GOOD will be bringing you a daily recommendation about organizations with which you can volunteer in your neighborhood and around the country.I don't know about you, but for my money, there's nothing better than a healthy dose of NPR to remedy the discomfort of a traffic-heavy morning commute. On the bad days, it can take as long as 30 minutes to travel the five miles from my house to the office, but that time flies by when it's passed in the company of a public radio newscaster.Of course, as you're well aware, NPR isn't exactly a cash cow. But making a donation during a pledge drive isn't the only way for you to support your local radio affiliate. By visiting the volunteer section of NPR's website, you can find action opportunities at your local station. Once you've filled out a volunteer application (.doc), you might find yourself hosting a community event at the facility, staffing a reception desk, answering phone calls, helping to sort mail, or facilitating the donations of listeners like you.While it might not sound glamorous, it is, indeed, the sort of hero's work that allows a venerable media institution to inform and educate the public. By participating, you can take pride in knowing that you play a vital role in making that possible. And, if nothing else, it's worth it to catch a glimpse of the face behind the disembodied voice of your favorite radio anchor. Photo by Flickr user tvol.
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National Volunteer Week: Public Radio