Syrian Refugees Rescue Neo-Nazi Politician in Car Accident

Syrian reguees in Germany resuce a neo-Nazi politician.

Last week, Stefan Jagsch, 29, a member of the National Democratic Party (NPD) in Germany, crashed his car into a tree and was badly injured. Lying in his vehicle, the German neo-Nazi politician was rescued by two Syrian asylum seekers who happened to be passing by in a minibus. A spokesman for the local fire brigade reported that the individuals pulled Jagsch from the wrecked car and gave him first aid.

The crash happened near the town of Buedingen, which hosts one of the several shelters for refugees that have been constructed in Germany over the past year.

The NPD, an extreme right political party, espouses nationalist, anti-immigrant beliefs. The influx of refugees to the country (more than a million) has bolstered its platform. And with nearly 12.5 million people living below the poverty line in Germany, there is a groundswell of anger and dissatisfaction for extreme right parties to channel.

Our polarizing culture encourages divisiveness, and the idea that there is a wrong side and a right side. But it’s human moments like this one that present a different reality, one that transcends agenda. We are all human beings and need to help one another.