New Slug

The Tasmanian Forester. The Mediterranean Monk Seal. The Addax. The African Wild Ass. Hundreds of mind-blowingly awesome creatures are facing their final generations on Earth... Reading through the endangered species list is a sobering experience.

But hey. There's good news: This new species of nocturnal, flesh-eating slug was discovered in Wales. It's fanged with blade-like teeth for gnawing through earth worms and other animals, and can grow to 5 inches in length. A biologist from Cardiff University explains, "They engulf the worms piece by piece... One end of the worm will still be alive while the other is being gradually ratcheted into the slug by the teeth." That is cool.

It's a warm fuzzy feeling to know that even though animals like the Abbott's Booby and the Weasel Lemur are being wiped out by humanity's carelessness, our majestic planet is still revealing never-before-seen living things like Wales' flesh-eating Ghost Slug.