New Zealand Plant Turns Sewage into Fuel

Humans produce a lot of crap (and I'm talking about actual sewage, not The Hills). Wouldn't it be convenient if we could take that refuse and use it to solve our energy problems? Well, as it turns out, recent research suggests that various kinds of waste, including raw municipal sewage, could be used to create biofuels.

And in fact, a plant recently opened in New Zealand that turns plastic, food scraps, and sewage into a gas fuel that can be used to make electricity. The trial plant, built by the clean tech company SpectioNZ, is small, but it's proven the concept. If this technology can be scaled up, cities everywhere could turn their plastic and waste into clean biofuel. As Michael Henare, the director of SpectioNZ says, we're " throwing energy away."

Image: Sewage . . . . .., a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from elsie's photostream