NextGen:Charity: Discussing the Future of Philanthropy

There is a new conference for nonprofits and philanthropies featuring great speakers. And GOOD readers can get discounted tickets.

I'd like to draw your attention to a a great conference going on in New York on November 18 and 19. It's called NextGen:Charity, and it's goal is to "help you run your organization more effectively and efficiently, and connect with donors and your community more powerfully."

Speakers include Seth Goodin, Scott Belsky, Matt Mahan from Facebook Causes, and former GOOD CEO Jonathan Greenblat (among many others). The conference is going to feature TED-style talks from all the speakers that will later be available online. If you're interested in attending, GOOD readers can get a discount by purchasing their tickets here.

If you can't go, you will definitely see more coverage of the event and speakers here coming up.