Radically Rethinking Charity: Amazing TED Talk by Dan Pallotta

Take a few minutes to watch GOOD community member Dan Pallotta's powerful closing talk at TED this year.

Ever wonder why nonprofits are being held back from achieving impact at scale?

Ever feel frustrated that you want to work on an issue you really care about but there's no way to support a family that way? It's a shitty choice, which too often leads to people either shelving passion to just focus on making money or experiencing nonprofit burn out.

GOOD launched in 2006 with a similar reframing. At the time, do-gooder was a pejorative term with connotations of soft, weak, naive. We wanted to show GOOD in its true nature: appealing, cool, dynamic. It felt like society was asking us to make a choice between doing good and making a living. We argued you can do good and do well, that doing good can and should be about aligning self interest with what works for the world, and that doing good is cool.

Dan's talk argues powerfully for social innovation and for us to use this sacred human life to stand for something more than keeping nonprofit overhead low.