No Jobs? These Mexican Immigrants Made Their Own

In a wildly competitive job market, five female day laborers decided to take their financial fates into their own hands.


"Jobs" is the word on the tip of everyone's tongue right now, whether in Congress, around Midwest dinner tables, or at the Occupy Wall Street protests. Specifically, the lack of them. There are now about seven applicants for every job available, a steep jump from when it was about two-to-one in the early aughts. That much competition requires a lot of work to stand out, but even the most remarkable job candidates are sometimes passed over in this economy. That's when some enterprising people decide to build their own path.

Meet the women of the Apple Eco-friendly Cleaning Cooperative. Much like the co-op cleaning services GOOD covered earlier this week, Apple is a collective of five Mexican women living in New York City who got tired of working odd gigs and wanted more control of their careers. After meeting at a Brooklyn day laborer hiring site, where they would compete for cleaning jobs with dozens of other women, the quintet decided go into business for themselves, and formed an LLC. They also began making their own cleaning products at home out of natural ingredients. The result is a less toxic home for their growing roster of clients and a safer cleaning day for the women themselves, who would sometimes get headaches from working for hours amid traditional chemical cleansers.

In case you're wondering about the women's immigration status, it's worth noting that starting an LLC in the United States is pretty simple, legal immigrant or not. That said, maintaining said business when it comes to tax time would be tremendously difficult for someone without a valid Social Security Number, meaning it's probably safe to assume the women at Apple are on the up-and-up. Just to be sure, we've reached out to the group to ask, and we'll update this post if and when they answer. In the meantime, regardless of how they got to America, it looks as if the American dream is now well within their reach.


Some beauty pageants, like the Miss America competition, have done away with the swimsuit portions of the competitions, thus dipping their toes in the 21st century. Other aspects of beauty pageants remain stuck in the 1950s, and we're not even talking about the whole "judging women mostly on their looks" thing. One beauty pageant winner was disqualified for being a mom, as if you can't be beautiful after you've had a kid. Now she's trying to get the Miss World competition to update their rules.

Veronika Didusenko won the Miss Ukraine pageant in 2018. After four days, she was disqualified because pageant officials found out she was a mom to 5-year-old son Alex, and had been married. Didusenko said she had been aware of Miss World's rule barring mother from competing, but was encouraged to compete anyways by pageant organizers.

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One mystery in our universe is a step closer to being solved. NASA's Parker Solar Probe launched last year to help scientists understand the sun. Now, it has returned its first findings. Four papers were published in the journal Nature detailing the findings of Parker's first two flybys. It's one small step for a solar probe, one giant leap for mankind.

It is astounding that we've advanced to the point where we've managed to build a probe capable of flying within 15 million miles from the surface of the sun, but here we are. Parker can withstand temperatures of up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and travels at 430,000 miles per hour. It's the fastest human-made vehicle, and no other human-made object has been so close to the sun.

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Over the past few years, the team has taken the field flying a black skull-and-crossbones flag with an acronym for the phrase, "GFBD" on the skull's upper lip. Supporters of the team also use it on social media as #GFBD.

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