No Worries

The Chicago-based designer Sighn is producing a "limited" edition of one million hand-carved wood blocks bearing his comforting mantra: "It's okay."

When things get rough, the singularly named Chicago-based designer Sighn likes to tell himself, "It's okay." Taking inspiration from his own mantra, the artist has set out to create a million hand-carved, business-card-sized blocks of wood in the shape of his words. The ambitious project started as a way for him to use up the scrap wood lying around his studio. Now, after selling out the first edition of 500 pieces-each costs $20-he's turned to bamboo plywood and locally grown basswood for his materials. He has even collaborated with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every piece sold-and he appears to have no desire to quit anytime soon. "I absolutely plan to continue this through to completion," he says. "I hope to plant one million trees." At his current pace, Sighn estimates that the project will take 60 years, but he's not worried. It will be okay.