Norway May Be Giving Finland The Ultimate 100th Birthday Gift

It doesn’t get much bigger than this

Source: Wikimedia Commons

We’ve all been challenged to find birthday gifts for the people in our lives who have everything, and countries are no different. Thinking outside the box for Finland’s 100 years of independence, Norway is considering shifting its border around a mountain so its Nordic neighbor will have a new highest peak, The Guardian reports.

Currently, Finland’s highest point rests at the top of Hálditšohkka, which, at 1,324 meters above sea level, isn’t so much a mountain as it is a sub-peak within a larger mountain spur known as Halti. One kilometer away on the other side of the border is Halti’s 1,365-meter summit. By inching its border a mere 40 meters, Norway would transfer Hálditšohkka’s 1,331-metre summit to Finland, extending the country’s highest peak by seven meters.

While this redrawing of the map would make for one epic birthday gift, it also seems like the logical choice as well. NRK put it this way, “Geophysically speaking, Mount Halti has two peaks, one Finnish and one Norwegian. What is proposed is that Norway gives the Finnish peak to Finland, because it is currently in Norway.”

The monumental present hasn’t been signed, sealed, and delivered just yet. In an interview with NRK, Norway’s prime minister, Erna Solberg, said, “There are a few formal difficulties and I have not yet made my final decision. But we are looking into it.”