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Now What?

Throughout our State of the Planet 2009 report, we included various opportunities to LEARN MORE about the issues facing the world this year, DISCUSS them, and CONTRIBUTE to solutions. This is your jumping off point. LEARN MORE To find out about the elections happening in your region (or any region) in..

Throughout our magazine, we include various opportunities to LEARN MORE about the issues we cover, DISCUSS them, and CONTRIBUTE to solutions. This is your jumping off point.


LEARN MORE The Yes Men Help the Yes Men culture jam; they're too busy promoting their new movie. Learn more about the film and how you can pick up the slack at Guerillas Learn simple water hacks for reducing your home water footprint at Check if the Google PowerMeter is being tested in your market at See what's involved and sign up to host your own TEDx event at Initiate a group solar discount by entering your zip code at to see if your community is ready for clean sun-power.Cowpooling Interested in cowpooling? If you live in the Bay Area, check out Elsewhere, visit, or get a group of neighbors together and approach a local rancher about selling to you New data is available on only as often as governmnet agencies think it will be useful. Help futher the mission of transparency in tgovernment by creating new tools and value with the data already available.9th Ward Field of Dreams You can own a piece of the planned staduim in New Orleans by donating $100, which will get you a brick on the walkway.Cool Roofs This is a shovel-ready idea. Figure one gallon of paint can cover 350 square feet. And make sure you're in a climate with enough sun to benefit from your increased albedo.Dambisa Moyo How can you help Africa if aid is failing? Aid is still necessary to help resond to natural disasters. Besides that, invest in Africa, even if just with microfinance sites like Kiva.The Public Ad Campaign The Public Ad Campaign is encouraging people to participate in the New York Street Advertising Takeover, an illegal covering of ads across the city, in October.Humble Pile To participate in the Chicago humble pile, contact Reach Klehm through Another Humble Pile is in the works in Los Angeles. For more info visit Oath To pledge the MBA oath, or learn how to start a chapter at your business school, visit of Portland Think your city is better than Portland, Oregon? Nominate progressive cities in the comments here.


LEARN MORE Paging Erin Brockovich To find out if your water is safe, visit, Clean Water See Brita's and Nalgene's portable water filter;'t Love That Dirty Water Learn about access to safe water at Dune For a contest to create water-saving ideas, visit! For reports on shipwreck sites, visit Escapes To book your own freighter cruise, visit Floats Learn about Sulvia Earle's TED wish at Anchor Text a fish name to 30644 to learn what species are safe to eat.CONTRIBUTEWe've Got a Drinking Problem To learn about the EPA watch list, visit Defense of Fancy Drinking Water Find out how drinking tap water saves lives at Us to Your Water Help SETI find aliens at Goodbye Become a member of the Surfrider Foundation at Totaler Would you drink recycled urine? Let us know in the comments here.


LEARN MOREInfra-what? Follow the stimulus money that is being spent on infrastructure at and see the whole picture of the stimulus bill at to Go To find out how much gas your car uses per mile and compare it with other vehicles, use the gallons-per-mile calculator at in the Designers There are two remaining installments of Art Center College of Design's sustainable mobility summit, after which the hosts hope to emerge with the "Pasadena Protocol," a Kyoto-style set of guidelines for sustainable mobility. Learn more at a Better Bike For more detailed instructions on how to make a sprawl-friendly bike like the one featured in GOOD 015, visit, Portland Join a discussion of the best emerging bike scenes and tell us what cities we missed (please note that we already apologized to Portland) here.Detroit Must Fail Do you think the U.S. government should continue to bail out Detroit or not? Join the discussion here.The Future Is Wow What transportation technologies from futuristic movies do you hope to see implemented? Join the discussion here.CONTRIBUTEWho's Driving? Help shape transportation policy. Write the politicians responsible for our country's transportation planning at the addresses listed here.The Street of the Future Is a Livable Street Join the Livable Streets Initiative community and learn how to redesign your city to be more pedestrian- and bike-friendly at Contribute your own hypermiling experiences, learn new techniques, and share best practices at the online home for hypermilers, Transport of the Future Past Contribute to our growing gallery of futuristic visions and help imagine what a better tomorrow might look like. Post your comments and links here.*Looking for the "We Like to Share" podcasts? They're not ready quite yet, unfortunately. We hope to have them up soon.


LEARN MORETo find out about the elections happening in your region (or any region) in 2009, visit ELECTIONGUIDE.ORG.The Designers Accord recently launched an online community to further their mission. Check out COMMUNITY.DESIGNERSACCORD.ORG for more information.For an interactive guide to making your own home rainforest-friendly, visit ARCHIVE.GREENPEACE.ORG/FORESTHOUSE.Welcome to the future of carpooling. Check out Robin Chase's new ride sharing venture at GOLOGO.ORG. See also: ZIMRIDE.COM.DISCUSSCan consumers save the planet through smarter purchases, or is our fixation on consumption an indictment of our culture? Read Shop Till You Drop, and add your thoughts in the comments section of that post.See Unique Experiences, our list of five things you'll only be able to do this year, and tell us what else you're looking forward to doing only in 2009.CONTRIBUTESend us an infographic on the global financial mess (and potentially win $500).Join the fight against malaria. You can get involved with the Global Fund at GLOBALFUND.ORG, or at some other malaria-related charities like Malaria No More (a Choose GOOD partner) or Nothing But Nets.Want to help advance scientific knowledge? Donate your postmortem self to the Anatomy Gifts Registry at ANATOMICGIFT.COM.See Mark Your Calendars, our list of events you shouldn't miss in 2009, and share other important happenings in the comments section of that post.Add a picture of your morning meal to our International Breakfast Project.

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