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Barack Obama Is Currently Residing On A South Pacific Island To Write His Memoirs

This is how you do it

Parlaying the requisite post-presidential memoirs with a well-timed voyage from America to a picturesque remote island, Barack Obama has taken to the South Pacific Island of Tetiaroa to get a very quick start on his look back on eight years spent in the White House. I presume the need for distance and perspective when writing your retrospective becomes less compelling when a private South Pacific island – one formerly owned by Marlon Brando, no less – is calling your name.

In what might be news to many, Obama has been on the island for almost a couple weeks now and will be extending his stay to knock out some, if not all, of the anticipated look back on his presidency. He will be residing at the island’s exclusive retreat, fittingly named The Brando, that comes complete with gourmet chefs, spas, and private villas. It’s estimated that he’ll be a resident of the island for about a month, though that doesn’t take into account writer’s block or just a general desire not to leave this island paradise.

While this might sound like a sugarcoated vacation, Penguin Random House offered up $60 million for the rights to the books by both Barack and Michelle, so as posh as the surroundings are, I’m sure the former President is taking this task pretty seriously.

So far, aside from the photo above, there hasn’t been much documentation of Obama’s time on the island. I guess that’s why it’s called “exclusive” and “private.”

Here’s to hoping the writing goes well, even if his secret service detail hopes it doesn’t so they never have to leave this cushy gig.

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