Obama's Muse-ings

In Sunday's New York Times Magazine, Rob Walker aggregated the vast amount of art inspired by Barack Obama and his campaign toward "change." Beginning with Shepard Fairey-the original Obey Giant street artist-and his series of Obama posters (above), Walker accounts for the fairly recent addition of the "Artists for Obama" section to the campaign's website, the remix by the Black Eyed Peas of Obama's "Yes we can" mantra, and last-but perhaps most, which will soon be adapted into an illustrated book based on the site, due out just in time for the Democratic convention.

While we took a close look at the campaign signs of each of the candidates back in August in our Design issue-and many others deemed Barack the most design-conscious even at that basic level-the recent outpouring of Obama creativity speaks to the artistic potential that's brought about by a particular strain of political inspiration.