Cop Goes Undercover in a Wheelchair and Learns a Lesson in Humanity

“The generosity, the caring was inspiring.”

After reports of two people in wheelchairs being robbed at knifepoint in downtown Vancouver, Canada, something had to be done to protect vulnerable citizens. So Sgt. Mark Horsely went deep undercover as a paraplegic with a brain injury, confined to a motorized wheelchair. Although Sgt. Horsely’s job was to find the people who were victimizing the disabled, what he found was the caring, generous spirit of downtown Vancouver’s citizens.

While out on five separate deployments, he was prayed for, given money, and countless people helped him zip up a bag that contained exposed change. “In all my interactions with people, I told them I couldn’t count and when we were exchanging food or different things they would take change from my hand, not once did they short-change me.” Sgt. Horsley said. “In fact, at the end of the five deployments in this project, I was ahead by $24.75...The generosity, the caring was inspiring.”