This Opera Singer Sang All The Way Through His Brain Surgery

An operatic operation.

Surgery is terrifying. For many people, they get through it with cups of ice cream, supportive friends, and as many tranquilizers as they can safely swallow. But over in the Netherlands, a Slovenian opera singer decided that the best way to get through his brain surgery (italicized to the max), was to quite literally sing through it.

The video, posted above via UPI, couldn’t be more exciting and jaw-droppingly strange. Ambroz Bajec-Lapajne sings opera professionally, and for this surgery, he chose to sing Schubert's famous and challenging "Gute Nacht." What makes Bajec-Lapajne’s performance all the more remarkable was that he did so while he was getting a brain tumor removed. As in: he sang falsetto while medical professionals literally dug into his brain.

But the singer didn’t just do it to relieve anxiety: his doctors at the University Medical Center Utrecht were able to monitor his brain activity while he performed. Watch the video, and listen to the doctors applaud Bajec-Lapajne’s performance. It couldn’t be more beautifully weird.

(Via: UPI)