Man Plays The Guitar During Brain Surgery

Brazilian man Anthony Kulkamp Dias amazed doctors with his guitar performance of The Beatles “Yesterday” and other tunes while undergoing brain surgery.

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Brazilian man Anthony Kulkamp Dias amazed doctors on Wednesday by performing on guitar while undergoing brain surgery. Dias was undergoing surgery in order to remove a brain tumor discovered just 15 days after his son was born. His performance included his own self-written song entitled “Emanuel,” which he wrote for his newborn.

As Dias played his guitar, doctors used cerebral monitoring to guard against any damage to sensory, motor and speech areas of the brain. While conversing with patients is typical during this type of procedure, this was the first time surgeons at Nossa Senhora da Conceiçāo Hospital had a patient play an instrument during brain surgery. The operation was a success and he was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday June, 3rd.