Outfoxed By Indecency

Robert Greenwald has been leading the charge against Fox News. His feature documentary, Outfoxed, cataloged instances of the cable channel's misinformation and bias.

These days he's crusading against their "indecency". His new web video stitches together a bunch of risqué clips that Fox has aired on one show or another. It looks like Fox finds a way to work sexy spring break footage into almost every damn show.

But Greenwald's video has been banned on Digg and is 18+ only on YouTube, even though all the footage came from stuff broadcasted on Fox in the first place. This is Lawrence Lessig's axe to grind in this post.

We're all for holding media companies (and yeah, especially Fox) to a higher standard but Lessig's argument's got some problems. Just because the footage all originally came from Fox that doesn't mean you can't edit it into something more indecent. Annie could be edited into something almost pornographic in the right context.

Here's Greenwald's latest.