Overload: Alex Steffen's New Book Proposal, Radiation Charts from Japan, and More

Fund a new book by Alex Steffen, people don't care about polar bears, and more of what we're reading at GOOD Environment HQ.

Alex Steffen, founder of Worldchanging and writer whose work we've always adored, is raising money on Kickstarter to write a book about the carbon neutral cities of the hopefully-near future. Go pledge now and make sure that Carbon Zero: A Short Tour of Your City's Future gets published.

David Biello's blow-by-blow chronology of the nuclear crisis is a great primer for anyone who has been looking for a point of entry.

These radiation charts from sites all around Japan are helpful, and a little bit comforting. has hand-picked a team of 21 Science Communication Fellows, all researchers in climate science, with the hopes of helping them be able to talk to normal people about important scientific things and not sound all, well, sciencey.

Polar bears don't convince people that climate change matters. You know what does? When their homes flood.

The 20 years it took the EPA to propose toxic emission standards for coal plants cost "thousands of lives."

Today's most misleading headline goes to the Wall Street Journal: U.S. Coal Miners Set to Profit as Fears Rise Over Nuclear Power. I am quite sure that the U.S. coal companies will likely profit, not the miners themselves.

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