Overload: How to Follow Fukushima and Some Weekend Long Reads

The enduring crisis at Fukushima, plus some incredible long-form reads for the weekend, in today's roundup from GOOD Environment HQ.

Every day since these charts were created, I wake up and check out the radiation levels from all around Japan, including just outside the Fukushima reactor (above).

Then I'll load up Jesse Jenkins' "nuclear crisis" Twitter feed for some wide-ranging and deep-diving updates of the situation at Fukushima.

Elsewhere, these are the five U.S. companies most dependent on nuclear power.

Some new artifacts are calling all of human history in the Americas into question.

I couldn't tell you why ABC News is compiling a maps of products that are "Made in America," but I had some fun clicking around it.

Some longer reads for your weekend:

In Discover, David Kirby explains how China is throwing up a toxic cloud that's way more dangerous than the trace radiation floating across the Pacific. And there's no end in site for China's manufacturing and industry-born plume.

George Black has an intense three-part series on energy development—dams and nukes—in the paradise of Patagonia for OnEarth.

Scary: In Scientific American, David Biello says safety concerns at American nuclear reactors are pretty much status quo.

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