Bus Drivers The Latest Targets of Anti-Sitting Extremism

Lebanon, Pennsylvania’s school district offers exercise classes to bus drivers to get them out of their seats.

Photo by Flickr user Jenni Douglas.

Another win for the anti-sitting movement: a Pennsylvania school district has just begun offering physical fitness classes for its school bus drivers, who spend most of their day ass-to-seat. The city bus drivers of Lebanon, Pennsylvania congregate twice a week to do step-up lounges, lift some dumbbells and throw around some medicine balls. The classes were made available to the bus drivers after a school district transportation official observed that the drivers had put on a little weight. If sitting can kill you, than being a bus driver (or working all day in an office chair) is a death sentence. Luckily, though the classes aren’t mandatory, Lebanon’s bus drivers have been enthusiastic in their attendance.

“At my age and being a disabled veteran, these classes have really helped me loosen up,” said one driver to Valley News. “Driving a bus for a living, you’re not really moving around a lot.”