People Are Awesome: 49ers' Brandon Jacobs Tops Off Six-Year-Old's Piggy Bank

When a young fan put up his life savings—all of $3.36—to keep the running back in New York, Jacobs went the extra mile to show his appreciation.

Joe Armento, a six year old from New Jersey, is a huge Giants fan. He's so taken with his team that he emptied his piggy bank of his life savings and sent $3.36 to star running back Brandon Jacobs in an effort to persuade him to stick it out with the Giants rather than move to the San Francisco 49ers.

Armento, who is just beginning to learn to read and write, penned his appeal with the help of his mom. "Dear Brandon Jacobs, So you can go to the Giants, here is my money. Love, Joe." Brandon tweeted the letter, but he went ahead with his move west.

Yesterday though, Jacobs met up with his six-year-old admirer at the Jump On In bounce house in Boonton New Jersey and along with his own five-year-old son, they all played like puppies for a few hours. Jacobs gave Armento a signed Giants helmet with his old number 27. Jacobs said he was touched by Armento's note and that it gave him a boost he needed. From the Sacramento Bee:

I'm at a point in my career when people have stopped believing in me and not believing that I can still play. But that's not the case. Joe believes in me, gave me a lot of confidence and a lot of want-to. And I'm ready to go. I can't wait until the season starts.


At the end of the play date Jacobs also gave Armento a five dollar bill—not a bad rate of return for a first grader. Here's to Jacobs going way beyond returning a piece a fan mail.

Photo (cc) Wikimedia Commons