People Are Awesome: Adam Yauch Makes Sure Beastie Boys Songs Won't Become Ad Jingles

Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's will says that his songs and artistic property can't be used in advertisements.

In a legacy-preserving, anti-sell-out power statement, fallen Beastie Boy Adam Yauch barred the band’s music from being used in advertisements, his will revealed.

The will ensures that no Beastie Boys song or any of MCA’s "artistic property" will join the graveyard of classic tunes you ended up never wanting to hear again after they became ad campaigns for prescription drugs or pick-up trucks. Lookin’ at you, Three Dog Night. And Bob Seger.

So you can rest easy knowing your favorite Beastie Boys jams won’t become synonymous with Kentucky Fried Chicken ads (Finger Lickin’ Good) or the new Brooklyn Nets (No Sleep Till Brooklyn).

Mike D and Ad-Rock seem to be on board too, suing the makers of Monster energy drink this week over their allegedly unauthorized use of Beastie Boys music in a promotional video.

They meant it when they said they "won’t sell [their] songs for no TV ad."

Photo via Wikimedia Commons