Picture Show: Daughters of Job

In the early 1990s, when the photographer Alison Malone was a young girl, she was a member of a private society know as Job's...

In the early 1990s, when the photographer Alison Malone was a young girl, she was a member of a private society know as Job's Daughters, an organization for 10- to 20-year-old girls who are direct blood relatives of Master Masons; it's the only Masonic Youth organization for which a blood relationship is a membership requirement. While not explicitly religious, the group's guiding principles can be found in the Biblical book of Job, wherein steadfastness is championed in the face of life-long adversity."I started this project because I had left Job's Daughters when I was young, and I wanted to see how my experiences as a child matched up with my perspective as an adult," says Malone. "Once I went back to it, I found out that it was disappearing. So it seemed like now or never."In returning to the organization, Malone attempts to document, with neither judgment nor agenda, both the physical space of the lodge-which is constructed around the principles of sacred geometry-and the girls themselves, who share a bond, based on ritual and tradition, that is uncommon in this age of cynicism. For Malone, the purpose of these photographs is not only archival and but also personal, as it's allowed her to revisit and re-examine a space that played a significant role in shaping her life-one that might not be around for future generations."I just hope these girls realize that they're part of something unique," she says. "And I hope they're proud of that."What follows is a selection from "Daughters of Job."

Hershey Blue Lodge 1

Guide, age 15, Minnesota

Bethel 48, Anoka, Minnesota

Junior Princess, age 13, Pennsylvania

Andrew H. Hershey, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Hershey Bethel 2

Junior Custodian, age 10, Pennsylvania

Bethel 1, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Honored Queen, age 16, Pennsylvania

Mechanicsburg Blue Lodge

Recorder, age 13, Pennsylvania


Urn of Incense

Ronald A. Aungst, 116th Right Worshipful Grand Master

Senior Custodian, age 13, Pennsylvania

Robert L. Dluge, 113th Right Worshipful Grand Master

Bethel 1, York, Pennsylvania
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