Polaroid Lives! Polaroid Lives!

Polaroid Lives!

by Morgan Clendaniel

October 14, 2009
We told you about the ambitious Dutch "Impossible Project" who had taken over an abandoned Polaroid factory in an attempt to find a more cost-effective way to make the film after Polaroid nixed its instant film division (and subsequently went bankrupt).Well, three days ago, the last available Polaroid film hit its expiration date. Today, the new holders of the Polariod brand announced that, in conjunction with the Impossible Project, Polaroids will live again. The Impossible Project will start producing film in 2010 (it will probably be expensive, as the two U.S.-based Polaroid film factories will not be reopened), and the revived Polaroid brand will start churning out new cameras soon, as well as other Polaroid-related technology like Pogo printers, which allow you to print Polaroid-esque photos directly from any digital camera. Expect a nostalgia-infused advertising campaign shortly.This is excellent news both because everyone loves a good Polaroid, but more because it involves ingenuity and perseverance in the face of business pressures to find a sustainable way to keep a treasured creative process alive. Inspiring, to say the least.Thanks to GOOD community member Guynamedtopher for the tip.
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Polaroid Lives!