Carrollton, Texas is a relatively small city with a population of just over 100,000 people. It's the perfect testing ground for how powerful, and positive, real community policing can be. And in this case, local law enforcement absolutely nailed it.

A group of officers was called to respond to a noise complaint at a local, daytime house party. The on-duty police officers had body cameras, so the entire thing was caught on camera. Showing up at the scene, it becomes immediately apparent to them that nothing inappropriate is happening.

In fact, what is happening is clearly a touching and entirely appropriate gathering of family and friends celebrating a young woman's graduation. The officers prepare to leave the scene when their new host asks if they want to come and join the party for a bit. After the officers agree, they're given one stipulation by the woman in question: They have to agree to dance with her.

As one commenter noted: "Now this is the police a community deserves."