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The 41 Politicians Who Actually Showed Up And Did Something For Detainees

See if your local representative took action beyond the tweet

Over the weekend, President Trump's executive order to ban people from entering the United States from seven Muslim-majority nations for the next 90 days took effect, causing the immediate detainment of civilians attempting to enter the US at airports around the country. The chaos that ensued has left millions of us clamoring for answers: Can the Trump administration do this? And where are the elected officials we can trust to fight these potentially unconstitutional actions?

In the midst of the outrage and confusion on Saturday, New York federal judges Allison Burroughs and Judith Dein temporarily blocked Trump's executive order, thus protecting those who have already arrived in the US, those who are in transit, and who hold valid visas. The judges ruling also states the US cannot deport those who have already arrived.

As these events unfolded, political leaders around the globe took to social media to express their sincere outrage and dismay at Trump's actions. Fair enough and duly noted, but when human rights are on the line at an unprecedented and urgent level, we most need officials who can step away from their smartphones and spring into action. So who actually took to the streets alongside protestors, lawyers, and concerned American citizens looking to protect civil liberties?

Below, our most recent head count of those who went beyond virtual venting and personally, profoundly fought for those they serve—even the Canadian guy.

1. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

2. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio:

3. New York Senator Chuck Schumer:

4. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh:

5. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti:

6. Clinton Foundation Vice-Chair Chelsea Clinton:

7. New York Representative Yvette D. Clarke:

8. Virginia Representative Don Beyer:

9. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:

10. California Representative Ted Lieu:

11. New York Representative Jerry Nadler:

12. New York Representative Nydia Velazquez:

13. Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin:

14. Colorado Senator Michael F. Bennet:

15. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal:

16. New Jersey Senator Corey Booker:

17. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown:

18. Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell:

19. Maryland Senator Ben Cardin:

20. Delaware Senator Tom Carper:

21. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey:

22. Delaware Senator Chris Coons:

23. Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly:

24. Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono:

25. Minnesota Senator Al Franken:

26. Massachusettes Governor Charlie Baker:

27. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar:

28. Georgia Representative John Lewis:

29. Massachusettes Senator Elizabeth Warren:

30. Former Bernie Sanders Deputy Political Director Arturo Carmona:

31. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley:

32. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine:

33. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe:

34. Washington D.C Representative Suzan Delbene:

35. Washington State Representative Pramila Jayapal:

36. ?Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton:

?37. New York Congressman Adriano Espaillat:


?38. Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly:

?39. Virginia Congressman Don Beyer:


?40. Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin:

?41. California Congresswoman Judy Chu:

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