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Polling and Rolling!

The Road to the Presidency Board Game: Rules of the Road

for 3 to 6 PLAYERSages 35 and above

What you need to play:

1. Polling and Rolling! game board, included in Issue 005.2. Cardboard Presidential Hopefuls game pieces: Clinton, Edwards, Giuliani, McCain, Obama, Romney, Write-In (x2)3. One die (or use this link)4. Pen and paper

How the game works:

1. Place all players (at least one Democrat and one Republican) around the Declare Your Candidacy square to start.2. Keep track of campaign war-chest totals with pen and paper. All players start with $15 million (15 points) and lose $1 million (1 point) each turn-even if you roll more than once. If you are forced to miss a turn, you must still deduct one point. Super Duper Tuesday and The Conventions are exempt.3. Carefully follow the instructions on every square, but only if you land there as the direct result of rolling.4. If you run out of money anywhere on the board, you cede your candidacy.5. The player who wins The Final Showdown is the next President of the United States.

How the board works:

DECLARE YOUR CANDIDACYYou need to roll a 4 or higher in order to Declare Your Candidacy. On your next turn, you can start the Road to the Presidency. Subtract one point each time you roll.FUNDRAISEROne-thousand-dollar-a-plate dinner nets you $X million (X points). Roll to determine X.DEBATENationally televised debate tests your rhetorical skills. Roll once. If you roll: 1 or 2, switch with the candidate(s) immediately behind you; 3 or 4, stay where you are; 5 or 6, switch with the candidate(s) immediately ahead of you.
SUPER DUPER TUESDAYStop here. All players must arrive at this square before anyone can advance. As you wait for your competitors, continue to roll each turn, adding the number on the die to your point total. Once every candidate is on the square, war chest totals determine the order in which players roll for the second half of the game, highest going first. Break any ties with a staring contest.THE CONVENTIONSStop here. If you have $30 million (30 points) or more, proceed on your next roll of 5 or more. If you do not have enough money, you must continue rolling when it's your turn, adding the number on the die to your campaign war chest until you have enough funds. The first two candidates to advance will face off in The Final Showdown.
THE FINAL SHOWDOWNWin the best of three:1. Luck Wherein Rock = MoneyScissors = Image,Paper = Experience.Best of one.2. Strength One-round arm wrestling match between players.3. MoneyWhoever has the most in their war chest wins. Break any ties with a final debate: highest roll wins.

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