Prince Charles Is Into Aristocratic Upcycling

Apparently Prince Charles is a big fan of upcycling and reusing old stuff, which is great, but the way he talks about it is priceless. From an upcoming Vogue piece by the Prince:

"Someone has been imaginative enough to make cuff links out of the previous engine from my 40-year-old Aston Martin and to sell them in aid of my trust for young people. I even have shoes made from leather salvaged from an 18th century wreck. They are totally indestructible and will see me out," the Prince wrote.

The shoes were made in 1987 from leather recovered from a Danish brigantine, which sank off Plymouth in 1786. Its cargo of hides was discovered by divers in 1973. Charles, who as Duke of Cornwall was the owner of the wreck and its contents, allowed the divers to sell the hides to finance the salvage operation.

I'm not sure these are scalable solutions, but they are creative, and I'd love to get myself a pair of those shipwreck shoes.The photo above is of the Aston Martin cufflinks from the blog Elite Choice.