Project: Create Your Ideal Workspace

We're challenging you to doodle your ideal workspace. For this project, show us a workspace that brings out your greatest talent.

Thanks to the endless stream of information and technological distractions we encounter every day, our ability to concentrate on a single thought process has become increasingly difficult. With constant emails, text messages, and deadlines, we've become accustomed to the interruptions that plague our productivity.

Yet in times of profound contemplation, we all retreat to the trenches we know as our workspaces. Your surroundings are major contributors to all your best ideas, whether creative, self-reflective or flat-out genius. We want you to create a workplace that brings out your best talent.

What would your ideal work environment look like if you could create it from scratch?

Send us an illustration of the ultimate workspace, along with a caption telling us a bit about your line of work and what it is about your space that makes for optimal productivity. Feel free to express your creativity through any medium—doodle, panting, illustration, etc.

Please submit your photo and caption here.

It can be in any image format, but should be in high enough resolution for it to be printed at 300 dpi. We'll take submissions now through December 8, 2011.

Once we publish a slideshow of the selected submissions, we will turn to you, the GOOD community, to choose the winning entry. The winning submission will be announced on and featured on our homepage. We'll also send a GOOD t-shirt and free subscription to the winner.