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Project: Have a Pinteresting Picnic

What does your ideal picnic look like? Plan one on Pinterest and make it happen!

Is #30DaysofGOOD challenge too much commitment for you? No worries, sometimes I feel the same and that's why we're introducing the #1DayofGOOD challenge. It's summertime and what a blast it is to lay in the grass and bask in the sun with a basket of homemade food and your best buddies. For today's one-day-task, we ask you to escape to nature and throw a picnic party with your friends and family! And who knows, maybe you'll make it a weekly outdoor event.

If you're like us, you're having too much fun exploring the corners of DIY, pastries, and roof gardens on Pinterest. Remember that mouth-watering recipe you pinned? How about that ombre utensil tutorial you got so excited about? Well, now's the perfect time to get off your computer, do the stuff you pinned and have a summer picnic. Enjoy a leisure day, delicious snacks, and friends.

Create a pinning board of your ideal picnic. Here are a little inspirations:

1) The perfect place to have a picnic: park, beach, lakeside, under a big, old tree...

2) Picnic-friendly recipe: no one likes soggy bread and wilted salad. These mason jar meals look amazing.

3) Drink idea: doesn't this fresh-squeezed limeade look delicious?

4) Utensil: stay away from the disposable ones. Instead, make some unique and fun utensils that you can save for future outdoor events.

5) Blanket: a picnic blanket could get pricey. If you're not ready to splurge for one yet, now we can make a fun print blanket with this smart tutorial.

6) Picnic basket: check out this easy and quick picnic basket made out of butcher paper.

7) A recycle tip: reuse egg cartons to bring chocolate filled strawberries, so clever!

8) An activity: board games, frisbee, read a book, or maybe take a nap!

Now the most important step: stop pinning and daydreaming! Gather your friends, roll up your sleeves, and try to make as much stuff as possible yourselves. Don't forget to snap a picture at your picnic to keep this fabulous memory (and also to share with us on Facebook and Twitter).


Create a board titled "#1DayofGOOD Picnic Challenge" on Pinterest. There are no required or limited number of pins as long as they inspire your ideal picnic. And if you get a chance, upload the picture of your own picnic to your pinning board and include hashtag #1DayofGOOD in the caption. We will be re-pinning some of our favorites.

Email the address of your finished pinning board and your own picnic picture to projects[at]goodinc[dot]com. Submissions will be accepted until July 16th. The winner will receive a GOOD T-shirt.

Are you feeling the urge to have your dreamy picnic right now? So are we! We can't wait to see all your rad picnic pictures. But most importantly, we want you to have fun! (Don't forget to put on sunscreen.) Happy pinning and happy picnicking everyone!

Oh, also follow us on Pinterest. It's pretty awesome.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user aroid

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