Promise to Be Sweet? Get Free Chocolate

A publicity stunt never tasted so good.

How can we convince people to treat each other better? The answer, in a word: chocolate. Parents have always used the treat to incentivize their kids' good behavior. A recent experiment by a Danish chocolate brand appealed to the child in all of us by giving away its product in exchange for a pledge to do good.

The one-day-only pop-up "Generous Store" by chocolatier Anthon Berg forbade the use of money. Boxes of chocolates were marked with "price tags" containing promises like "talk nicely to your mother for a week" or "serve breakfast in bed to your loved one." To complete their "purchase" on the shop's iPad, customers were required to send their pledge to a friend on Facebook, to make sure they lived up to their end of the bargain. A promotional video by the company includes Facebook updates of content customers serving breakfast in bed and being nice people.

The project was motivated by the belief that "there is not enough generosity in people's lives." Arguably not enough chocolate either.


via PSFK