Prop H8? Prop H8?

Prop H8?

by Patrick James

November 8, 2008
By now you've probably read that California's Proposition 8 passed, which means that marriage has been officially defined as a union between a man and a woman-thereby putting the legal legitimacy of homosexual marriages in jeopardy.The Los Angeles Times has run a number of pieces on the topic, including this one, which includes the photo above. These charming folks were very excited to learn that marriage had been saved from the gays. Currently at 70% of black voters backed Prop 8 and gay rights backers filed three lawsuits challenging Prop 8.
Of course, not everyone is as happy about Prop 8's passing as these guys. Jezebel has a great piece on "where equality advocates can go from here." Flavorwire also has nice little post as well. It's augmented by the even nicer piece of art shown here ("Bird in Space"), which they included because "posting something lovely seems like the only way to respond to news that makes us feel so dark." But it was probably Kottke who said it best:"Today is bittersweet...Obama got elected but it looks as though Proposition 8 will pass, banning gay marriage in California. Fuck you, California."What does this measure mean to you?
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Prop H8?