Snarky State Trooper Offers A PSA On A Cutting-Edge New Auto Feature...The Turn Signal

As we know, many drivers just refuse to get the message. This should help.

It’s perhaps the most common refrain on the road beside the generic (and always applicable) “MOVE!” Even so, cries of “Use your turn signal!” are often screamed in vain as drivers ahead casually pull a left-hand turn from the middle lane of a busy street. If you do refuse to use your signal even as other drivers shout at you, then perhaps this very elementary tutorial from an Indiana State Trooper will compel you.

Here he is, tongue firmly in-cheek as he sings the praises of the most wondrous of new automotive technologies – the turn signal – in this video posted to Facebook:

Considering what a basic automotive courtesy using your turn signal is, he explains its use very slowly and carefully to those who haven’t picked up on using the thing. He points exactly how it works, pushing it down, then showing footage of the turn signal light on the car, blinking.

What a time to be alive. Now if there was only some way to shoot this video to people as you see them in traffic.