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Yes, You Probably Need A Story About 100 Puppies Being Rescued

Look at this face and your Trump worries fade away

A troubling scene in upstate New York resulted in a happy ending as more than 100 puppies being transported by truck were endangered when the vehicle ran off the road, flipping over. The New York State Police quickly responded, only to realize that they had no idea how to treat or manage the multitude of puppies they encountered in the aftermath.

A Finger Lakes SPCA spokesperson took to Facebook to share, “Young puppies of varying breed types (including many toy and smaller breeds) were removed from a transport van one at a time by law enforcement.”

It was at that time that the police called the FLSPCA for help in treating and housing the puppies, who were largely safe and healthy, with just one suffering a broken leg and another suffering a broken jaw. However, the SPCA then realized that while they had the means to care for the animals at their place of business, they didn’t have the means to transport 100 dogs in any safe manner.

So they, in turn called T & R Towing, which provided a vehicle with an enclosure that could take the animals home, pictured below:


“Eighty-six pups were sheltered in an isolation area at the Finger Lakes SPCA with the remainder being housed and cared for at the Bath Veterinary Hospital,” the shelter shared.

Naturally, the incident left many curious as to why so many animals would be moved in one group. New York’s WGMT says that the dogs were being transported to pet stores, but there was no evidence that they originated from puppy mills, as they all seemed to be clean, fed, and in good health when encountered. As they certainly seem to be now at the FLSPCA:




FLSPCA supported this assertion, stating, “No health issues that would indicate an animal cruelty concern could be ascertained by veterinary medical professionals who examined the puppies.”

It was certainly a team effort, and one that the Finger Lakes SPCA is quick to acknowledge. In a statement, they reached out by saying, “We would like to express our extreme appreciation to the New York State Troopers, T & R Towing, Bath Veterinary Hospital, FLSPCA staff and volunteers for all of their efforts to mobilize and quickly assist these animals. We would also like to thank our community for their concern for these puppies.”


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