The Successful Bakery That Hires Adults With Autism

This is fabulous.

People with autism and other disabillites often have a hard time getting a job, though that is changing. For example, Walgreens has committed to hiring 20 percent of its distribution center workers from segments of the population who have disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum.

Puzzles Bakery in Schenectady, New York, decided to hire people with autism, and it’s been working out very well.

In fact, there are a number of guides for employers to help them figure out how to hire people with autism and Aspberger’s syndrome, like the one from DisabilityAction.Org, and another from the National Autistic Society.

Some skills are actually more enhanced for people with this particular condition; the ability to recognize patterns, for example, and, in the realm of logical reasoning, the ability to pick out irregularities in data or arguments.

It’s something that employers like Puzzles Bakery know all too well. Watch:

If you’re one of the people on the spectrum or know someone who is, there is a great resource at TheSpectrumCareers.Com.