Race to the Heartland: An Iowa Campaign Ad Roundup

In preparation for the Iowa caucus, the GOP candidates are breaking out the ads.

The Iowa caucus is less than a month away, and the GOP candidates vying for the nomination have released some of their first ads. They have not disappointed. Who will win the heart of the heartland? Let's evaluate.

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Ron Paul

The gist: A fast-paced, animated spot with a Wild West motif anoints Paul as the "big dog" among candidates with bark but no bite. Government departments vanish in puffs of smoke before our eyes. Ron Paul is a Doberman, and later, a Mack truck.

The theory: Voters are sick of flip-floppers like Mitt Romney and flubbers like Rick Perry. Also, trillion-dollar debt is scary. Ron Paul is merciless.

The money shot: The narrator from the Power Wheels commercials calls the rest of the politicians "little shits," er, "Shih Tzus." A cute puppy whimpers pathetically.

The verdict: You'll love it if you're a fan of Ron Paul. Not so much if you're a fan of the Department of Education.