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High school students in hot water after their racist prank went viral.

Some kids got suspended and kicked out of extra-curricular activities.

A bunch of teens played a racist prank at high school, and both their school and the internet are taking them to task.

Students at California’s Escondido High School dressed in shirts with letters on them. About 10 kids took it upon themselves to stand in line and pose for photos where racist and homophobic terms were spelled out clearly.

They posted the posts on Snapchat and Instagram, according to BuzzFeed. The pics have since gone viral.


The high school’s principal posted a statement to Facebook, saying “actions have been taken” against the perpetrators:

Dear Cougar Family,

As the principal of EHS, I want to thank you for sharing your concerns and suggestions following the situation that occurred last Thursday on our campus.

I want to assure you that actions have been taken and students are receiving consequences; however, specifics must remain confidential.

We believe the lessons to be learned need to, and can, far exceed a period of punishment.

Our school community, along with alumni, families, fellow schools and others are sharing in this pain.

Together, we have begun the process of educating all on the implications and power of one’s actions and decisions. This will be a continuing process and I will provide updates throughout the year.

Dr. Lepe-Ramirez

Facebook followers are urging the principal and the community at-large to make sure the students really understand why what they did was wrong.

The kids’ punishment ranged from school suspensions to being booted from extra-curriculars, BuzzFeed reports. One student expressed regret in an interview with the Free Hugs Project. “I am scared to go back to school but I am going to try and show people that’s not who I really am because that's for sure not who I want to be,” she said. “I want to show people that’s not right. I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

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