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Angry Trump Voter’s Racist Tirade Inspires Charitable Donations

The woman melted down in a Chicago area craft store.

A disturbing video showing a white woman berating two African-American employees at a Chicago Michael’s craft store went viral. The woman, who’s been identified by social media users as Jennifer Boyle, went off on a racist tirade after an African-American cashier asked if she’d like to purchase a nondisposable bag. “Why don’t you shut your face?” the woman screamed at the cashier. “And I voted for Trump, so there. You gonna kick me out because of that? And look who won!”

Throughout the video, Boyle refers to the African-American women as “animals” and repeatedly accuses them of discriminating against her. She also turns against Jessie Grady who was filming the incident on her smartphone. “I was just discriminated against by two black women, and you being a white woman, and you’re literally thinking that’s OK,” Boyle yelled at Grady. “You standing there with your baby thinking that’s OK.”

After the video went viral, Grady created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the employee who took the brunt of Boyle’s abuse. “She inspired me because despite the hateful words that were being hurled in her direction, she stood in that entranceway calm and unmoving to protect her staff and customers,” Grady wrote. “Her calmness calmed me and I saw a true leader, which in today’s world, is something to be rewarded.”

The GoFundMe page started with an initial goal of $400 and, at the time of this writing, had raised over $24,000.

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