Radio Shack Is Firing Off Surreal Tweets Showing Its Empty Stores On Life Support

Some employees have gone rogue as the company becomes one giant garage sale.

Like so many other retailers, Radio Shack has felt the sting of e-commerce on their retail stores. But, after nearly a decade in commercial limbo, it seems Radio Shack is slowly—very slowly—succumbing to its inevitable fate. However, as it braces for last closure, the liquidation continues.

Recent activity on the chain’s Twitter account would like to inform customers that it’s not just the retail products that are for sale. Nope. In this instance, “Everything must go,” really means everything.

Shelves, light bulbs, ladders, dollies. Anything that someone will buy is for sale.

Honestly, it’s the festive element here that’s really giving me the creeps. Well, that and the empty, personless photos which make it seem as if the store itself is creating these signs on some autonomous level.

To generate interest, the company’s even making a half-hearted effort to explain what their fixtures can do for you.

They’re not above salesmanship tricks and techniques when they call these fixtures “beautiful.” Not the first word that comes to mind, but if it makes a sale …

Despite what your gut’s telling you right now, these fixtures are “going fast.”

As bizarre as these tweets and images are, I think we can all agree that the corporate-level messaging is more professional than the missives coming from the stores. Unfortunately, Radio Shack doesn’t seem to have the authority (or the inclination) to remove Facebook messages from this embittered store’s social media “team.”

Maybe there's something to be said for not fighting for survival, but, rather, making a graceful exit. Oh well, it seems that window is now closed.

via Jim Browing / YouTube

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