Recess: An App to Help You Escape Your Laptop and Save a Little Energy

On February 8-10, GOOD held a Hacking Energy Culture hackathon at Maryland Institute College of Art, aimed at generating new ways to...

On February 8-10, GOOD held a Hacking Energy Culture hackathon at Maryland Institute College of Art, aimed at generating new ways to interface with energy consumption, waste, and preservation. Here's the winning solution, from Nicholas DePaul, Katrinna Whiting, Kevin Zweerink, and Kacie Mills. \n
An epidemic is sweeping the planet. Every night, people are falling asleep with aching fingers and blurry eyes, unable to remember what they did all afternoon. What could be causing this horror?
We are on the case.We are Something Dangerous.
Millions of people use computers every day for work and leisure. But who keeps track of how much time they are actually spending glued to their screens? Or the amount of energy their devices are wasting?
Many of our friends and family complain about wasting time on their computers. We asked ourselves if we could design a product aimed at this concern, if we could somehow help all those screen-sapped souls around the world and reduce energy use at the same time. During the 24-hour GOOD Hackathon, we created the outlines of this product.
We call it Recess.
Recess is an environmentally-conscious productivity app designed to help people waste less time on their computers. Through customized notifications and monthly analytics reports, users can manage their computer time efficiently and sustainably.

Our team is dedicated to providing a positive, relaxing platform that combines a playful aesthetic, edgy tone, and mindful sensibility. We want users to feel motivated and inspired to save time, money and energy, without a hint of guilt.

Take breaks, exercise, even eat breakfast for a change. Recess will help you get back to the things that matter. No longer will the screen dictate your day.
Original laptop image via Shutterstock; screenshots courtesy of Something Dangerous.\n
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