ReMakes: Old Billboards, Reborn ReMakes: Old Billboards, Reborn

ReMakes: Old Billboards, Reborn

by Andrew Price

April 13, 2011

The advertising world moves quickly. So those huge billboards and posters that blanket the city one day are passé the next. And that creates a lot of waste. A single old billboard makes for to up to 100 lbs of plastic trash in the landfill.

But a company called ReMakes has found a way to reuse those large-scale ads. ReMakes takes old billboards and posters and cuts them into placemats. Each set of ReMakes includes four placemats, each randomly cut from the same ad. They're unique, visually striking, and, of course, a good reuse of material that would otherwise just be thrown away. Each set costs $16. ReMakes are available to buy online through Abe's Market.

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ReMakes: Old Billboards, Reborn