Trump’s Online Minions Have A New Strategy: Deny Women The Right To Vote

“RepealThe19th” latest battle cry from the alt-right depths.

You know what could really turn this election around for Donald Trump? Legalize sexism. You see, basically every poll shows the Republican nominee winning with men, often handily. Unfortunately for him, women vote slightly more than men and they are by a large margin voting for Hillary Clinton. Or, against Trump. Either way, he’s not doing so well with women these days, to put it mildly. Or, as one polling expert put it, “Women Are Defeating Trump.”

So, the Trump Trolls online, aka the Alt-Right, have come up with a new social media strategy they are calling #RepealThe19th. Because if you can’t beat them, just call it locker room talk and change the Constitution.

Sadly, this briefly became the top-trending topic on Twitter. Although in fairness, the stream was full of people mocking this completely bonkers idea once it began going viral. But that didn’t stop a few “unshackled” extremists from throwing their hefty intellectual weight behind the idea:

Are these real Trump supporters or just annoying trolls trying to stir up some controversy online? Well, if it’s the latter, then mission accomplished. Because it really should go without saying that denying any citizen the right to vote, let alone half the country, is an idea so dumb that hopefully no one is taking it seriously.