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Restaurant responds to customer's racist tirade that was caught on video.

“Thank you for understanding that you have a right to express your venomous and vitriolic views …”

There are two conflicting trends happening today in American life. One one hand, the majority of Americans believe that Donald Trump has made racists more comfortable expressing their views in public.

On the other hand, for the first time on record, more Americans want to see legal immigration levels increased rather than decreased.

So, are we becoming more or less welcoming of people of color? It appears as though racism is actually on the decline while racists are becoming more visible.


Disturbing footage taken at Andy’s restaurant in Lovettsville, Virginia on October 17 shows what this ugly, racist underbelly of America looks like. In the video, a white lady goes on a tirade against a Guatemalan family for speaking Spanish.

“Show me your passports!” The woman screamed. “Go back to your fucking country. You do not fucking come over here and freeload on America.”

Obviously, this ranting bigot is a terrible excuse for a human being, but she also has her facts wrong.

According to a study by the Cato Institute, immigrants are less likely to consume welfare benefits and, when they do, they generally consume a lower dollar value of benefits than native-born Americans.

So, sorry bigot lady, if you have a problem with “freeloaders” you should probably start screaming at your fellow native-born citizens.

You should also start eating elsewhere, because Andy’s restaurant doesn’t want your kind eating at their fine establishment. The restaurant announced the woman was eighty-sixed with a clever Facebook post:

Words of Thanks to a Former Customer

Thank you for understanding that you have a right to express your venomous and vitriolic views—no matter how odious and ignorant—under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Thank you for feeling sufficiently comfortable in those views to express them, thereby making a spectacle of yourself—and allowing all who witnessed “the incident” on October 17, 2018 to understand what a vile and loathsome individual you are.

Thank you for disrupting the rights of others who were enjoying an evening of camaraderie in a confined public space.

Thank you for strengthening our belief that all people have the right to pursue happiness, which is what they were in the process of doing when you chose to regale them with your idiotic values.

Thank you for using profanity in expressing your views.

Thank you for providing the employees of Andy’s with an opportunity to demonstrate the precepts of the common law behind that First Amendment, which indicate that although you have the right to declare your despicable views, you also have the obligation to bear the consequences for speaking them.

Thank you for showing us—through your actions—that all people have the right to be respected.

Thank you—and we mean this with all the aforementioned respect that you rightfully deserve—for never returning to Andy’s. You are not welcome.

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