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TV Anchor Perfectly Demonstrates How Ridiculous NBC’s Olympics Broadcasting Restrictions Are

The new Olympics theme song is by R. Kelly because why not

Source: WGN via Awful Announcing

It isn’t groundbreaking news that local broadcasters would love to cover the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The only thing is they can’t – unless they want to get sued by NBC Universal, that is. The broadcasting monolith has complete ownership over Olympics coverage and exercises extreme copyright regulations to make local coverage of the world’s biggest sporting event virtually impossible.

Pat Tomasulo, a TV news anchor at WGN Chicago, proved exactly how ridiculous NBC’s copyright restrictions are with mock coverage that somehow still rivals the real thing. Calling the report "The International Athletics Competition Run By One Of The Most Corrupt Organizations In The World," Tomasulo introduced a new logo with five interlocking triangles and lip-synced a theme song with complete perfection.

This isn’t the first time NBC has caused headaches for other networks trying to cover the Olympics, and it certainly won’t be the last time since the International Olympic Committee awarded the company exclusive broadcasting rights in the U.S. through 2032. Announced in May of 2014, the deal is valued at an approximate $7.65 billion, which explains why NBC might be stingy with its content. While the IOC described the agreement as “a major contribution to the long-term financial stability of the entire Olympic Movement,” it does raise some questions about balanced coverage and receiving all the facts from one financially invested provider.

In any case, check out Tomasulo’s hilarious coverage here and be glad we’re not getting all of our presidential election coverage from one totalitarian outlet.

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