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Hulu Debuts Its First LGBT-Friendly Fairy Tale

Rosaline isn’t looking for prince charming, either

via Twitter

Recently, there’s been huge groundswell to give Queen Elsa a girlfriend in Disney’s upcoming Frozen sequel. Although #GiveElsaAGirlfriend has been trending on Twitter over the past few months, and Idina Menzel, the actress who plays Elsa, is on board with it, Disney has yet to commit to the idea. So for those waiting to have a LGBT fairy tale heroine you’ll be happy to hear about Rosaline, a new animated short that debuted on Hulu yesterday.

Rosaline follows the story of a young woman on a quest to see her sweetheart, but must first make it through the pitfalls in her magical land. In the four-minute cartoon, Rosaline confronts a haggard witch who tempts her with a candied apple, a wolf that tries to steal her basket, and a fairy godmother who tries to set her up with a prince. But, finally, Rosaline makes it to her sweetheart, a gorgeous girl who lives in a hut.

“Historically, kids’ media shies away from LGBT love, marriage and identity, which can cause an imbalance,” Rosaline’s creator, Daniel Errico, told The Huffington Post. “We are missing an opportunity to foster children’s natural ability to accept and understand themselves and others, and that can have serious consequences later on in life. I grew up with stories I could relate to that affected my sense of self in a positive way, and every child deserves the same chance.”

You can watch the cartoon here.

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