Scott Walker: No Fan of Bike Lanes Either Scott Walker: No Fan of Bike Lanes Either

Scott Walker: No Fan of Bike Lanes Either

by Andrew Price

April 11, 2011

Governor Scott Walker, who you may know as the bad guy in the union fracas in Wisconsin, is apparently also against infrastructure for bikes. Walker recently announced that the Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee would get a three-year, roughly $300-million dollar retrofit. Members of Milwaukee's biking community have long advocated for one bike lane on the bridge, but Walker's not into it, so it's not going to happen.

He opposed a bike lane on the bridge as Milwaukee County Executive, maintained that posture during his campaign, and has not wavered.

His spokesman issued this statement on Wednesday: "His stance on this issue since January hasn’t changed. Governor Walker supports allowing cyclists ... to use the bridge during the time it is shut down to traffic. He does not support adding a bike lane on the Hoan Bridge."

I suspect he's not a biker.

By the way, this video seems to undermine the argument that the bridge can't accommodate bikes because that wouldn't leave enough room for cars during rush hour. And for what it's worth, Vancouver's experiment with a bridge bike lane worked out well.

Image (cc) from Flickr user rawmustard

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Scott Walker: No Fan of Bike Lanes Either