Should Teacher Tenure Be Tied to Students' Grades?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who controversially renewed control of the schools this year, sure thinks so-admitting that tying tenure to student performance is a rather aggressive move on his part (no kidding).He isn't going so far as to insist the school board starts implementing merit pay, but this isn't a far cry from it. He's got other plans on tap, too, all presumably part of a play for those controversial Race to the Top dollars. Which again raises the issue of school boards reinventing themselves in a rush, in order to meet the criteria for said dollars (even though the criteria were adjusted slightly).It's impossible to tell right now if this program will prove to be the impetus we needed for innovation in education or if it will prove to be a rushed and failed attempt to fix problems that need a little more care and thought and time.What's your take?Image via