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A Comedian Is Selling Her Shrek Nudes to Benefit Planned Parenthood

Jamie Loftus has already raised $400 selling her naked photos as Shrek.

Shrek nude via the Twitter account of Jamie Loftus

You’ve never seen Shrek like this. You probably never wanted to see Shrek like this. But now you have to, because comedian Jamie Loftus is selling her personal Shrek-themed nude photos, and all the proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood (an organization that has seen hard times recently, and could use your support). Loftus, who is a big fan of both Shrek and Planned Parenthood, is selling the artful and definitely tasteful nude photos, in which she’s painted to resemble the animated character, on her Etsy store, Shrek Nudes 4 Planned Parenthood.

“As much as I love the idea of becoming a millionaire on the merit of my own Shrek nudes and completely deserve it because wow what fun nudes, Planned Parenthood is an organization close to my heart that needs support now more than ever,” she told Death and Taxes. “Also, the fact that I can sell my Shrek nudes online to anyone in the world while women are struggling to get access to safe public health care is ridiculous.”

Loftus told Death and Taxes that she’s been a Shrekkie for a while now, “harassing” local productions of Shrek: The Musical in Boston and California for a couple of years and even participating in a Shrek striptease for ImprovBoston.

“I’m sure anyone with a heart and forward-thinking vision would agree that tasteful Shrek nudes were the next logical step,” she added.

Loftus, a hero among us, says she has already raised $400. This holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of Shrek nudes.

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