Sirius Star Ransomed By Parachute Sirius Star Ransomed By Parachute

Sirius Star Ransomed By Parachute

by Andrew Price

January 11, 2009
You may remember the case of the Sirius Star oil tanker. The ship was carrying two million barrels of black gold when it was hijacked by the infamous Somali pirates back in November. The BBC reports that the ship was just ransomed for $3 million. A plane dropped a parachute of cash onto the ship and the pirates left freely, escaping into the Somalian port town of Harardhere. Unbelievable.

It was a largely bloodless resolution to the standoff, so that's cool, and it didn't turn into the environmental disaster that it could have. But it's disturbing that the hijack-and-ransom strategy is working so well for the pirates. That said, the owners of the oil were over a barrel so to speak.

For some context, check out GOOD News's Somali Pirates 101.

Thanks, Sebastian!
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Sirius Star Ransomed By Parachute